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Classic Commercial for 'Puss in Boots' Cat Food (1967)

Published 1967

A fairly inane but amusing 1960s cat food commercial. The name of the brand is curious, to say the least. The commercial features a jingle promoting the "new green can", which is odd, since few cats really seem to care about such issues. Also, the "color" of this copy is largely faded. The silly jingle, sung in the vocal-arrangement style expected of commercials of the time, is catchy, though.

Run time 31 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: The_Emperor_Of_Television - - November 26, 2009
Subject: I, the Uploader (!!!)
Decent, OK, nothing special. Catchy jingle. Poor quality copy. Almost all the colour is gone..It sorta looks sepia-tone. The cats are adorable. The jingle is catchy. The lyrics of the jingle are inane. The singing singers certainly can sing. This comes a DVD-R copy of a 29-Minute copy of the episode. Of that, only about 3 to 5 minutes was advertising. There was, however, a few seconds missing during one scene important to the plot of the episode, presumably because of film damage (the whole thing had craptacular picture quality).

This commercial is OK. Decent. Better than "Today Tonight". Commercial is from US of A.